Mastering the Art and Science of Social Media Marketing

Produce intent-driven social media content that yields results
If you’re starting or growing your business and social media is the weakest part of your game: Stop guessing. You don’t have to post and pray. Master how to run your social media profiles and create compelling content from the pros who do it every single day. So you can get results.

Whether you are managing your own brand or a professional seeking to level up, this one-day course is suitable for all levels and will change your mindset on how and why social media thrives in the 21st century.

If you relate to any of the following, Mastering the Art and Science of Social Media Marketing is for you:
● “I’m intimidated by how social media is changing like crazy”
● “I’m stuck relying on others to run my social media”
● “I struggle to make content engage and convert”
● “I can’t write ads because I don’t know what works”
● “Facebook just won’t work for my niche/ audience/ industry”
● “I don’t know which platform is right for the business”
● “I can’t make sense out of social media analytics”

See how you’ll master the foundation of great social media marketing in our 1-day workshop

Course Details

Who is this for?

People who want to get a foot in the Social Media industry but do not have the relevant experience

Marketers and brand managers who seek to gain deeper understanding on how social media works, formulate effective social media strategy and deliver ROI

Business owners and entrepreneurs who seek best practices, efficiency and cost-effective ways in managing their own social media accounts

Junior to Senior Creatives (be it in-house or agency) who want to understand the science behind Social Media to better translate their ideas into the digital space

What would you learn?

Getting Onboard Social Media Marketing
Catch up on the evolution of social media landscape and understand timeless techniques you can use to manipulate the common social media behaviours to your advantage.

Creating Viral Success
Apply our tested and proven framework in conceptualising social media content with high virality factor to raise brand engagement.

Formulating Your Platform Strategy
Take the guesswork out of your platform strategy. Navigate the algorithms backing the various social media platforms and know what works on the feed. Determine which platforms matter most for your brand and focus on nailing it.

Mastering Creative Storytelling & Content Development
Zero in on the right content type and ad placement. Break down the anatomy of a highly effective social media post/ ad. Spot and avoid the biggest mistakes that will crush your social media efforts. Know the drill when it comes to ideation, curation and production. Learn to develop and product social media content from start to finish.

Navigating Social Media Analytics
Explore the concepts of social media metrics. Learn how to set realistic goals and measure return-on-investment so you will look like the smartest person in the room.

Why learn this?

Gain employment in advertising and marketing related positions

Able to ideate, program and design social media content independently

Own a deeper understanding on how social media works, formulate effective social media strategy and deliver ROI

Gain more conversions in terms of social media engagement, followers and leads


Date: 07 Jan 2021 (Saturday)
Venue: 53 Raffles Quay
Time: 9am - 5pm


53 Raffles Quay, S(012345)
+65 97485783

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